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The Africa Bangladesh Business Forum is a B2B platform. We are connecting businesses between Africa and Bangladesh by building trust and confidence, mitigating risks associated with investment, trade and export-import.

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The primary objective of the Africa Bangladesh Business Forum is to facilitate and enhance bilateral trade relationships between Africa and Bangladesh. By providing a collaborative environment and valuable resources.

Access to a network of industry professionals, potential partners, and investors from Africa and Bangladesh. Opportunities to explore new markets, expand business operations, and diversify revenue streams.

Our Vision

Build trust by connecting business to business between Africa and Bangladesh, eliminating risks.

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ABBF- The largest B2B platform between Africa and Bangladesh

The Africa Bangladesh Business Forum is a B2B platform for export-import, bilateral trade, investment, and networking in African countries. Partner with us to expand markets, drive business growth, identify the right strategy to export to Africa and foster sustainable development across continents. Become our Associate Partner to empower your trade and export.

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Partner with us to drive innovation, expand markets, and foster sustainable development across continents. Together, we can shape the future of global business. Secure your partnership today!


The Africa Bangladesh Business Forum opened doors for invaluable partnerships, catalyzing growth and fostering mutual prosperity.

Congratulations, Zahirul, for taking Dipon Group on a new horizon. We strongly believe the b2b platform between Africa and Bangladesh through this Africa Bangladesh Forum will take us a long way. It’s a great initiative from Dipon Group to create this opportunity for both end towards successful business relations.

Mr. Rashed Mahmud

Managing Director & CEO, Dipon Group

Kamon Acho! Itโ€™s always a thrill to support Bangladeshi businesses in Africa. Most of my early friends were from Dhaka. The food is amazing, and the culture is vibrant. Their Cricket game is excellent!

We have a lot to learn from each other in diverse sector. Letโ€™s be global citizen.

Mr. Dramou Macky

Edupreneur, Guinea



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