Exploring the Trade Horizons Between Bangladesh and Africa

In recent years, Bangladesh has been actively pursuing new trade opportunities in Africa. With a rapidly growing economy and a keen interest in diversifying its export markets, Bangladesh is looking towards Africa to establish robust economic ties and explore untapped potentials.

Expanding Diplomatic Missions

The government of Bangladesh is considering opening more diplomatic missions across Africa. This strategic move aims to strengthen bilateral relations, facilitate trade negotiations, and enhance economic cooperation between the two regions (The Business Standard).

Export Opportunities

Bangladesh is setting its sights on increasing its export footprint in Africa. Currently, the country exports goods such as ready-made garments, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, jute, and electronic products. However, there is potential for further expansion, particularly in sectors like IT, agriculture, and light engineering (The Financial Express).

Cotton Imports from Africa

One of the significant trade activities between Bangladesh and Africa is the import of cotton. Over 50% of Bangladesh’s cotton is sourced from African countries, highlighting a critical dependency that influences the textile and garment industries in Bangladesh (Banik Barta).

Economic Growth and Diversification

Bangladesh’s economy has been on a rapid growth trajectory, which necessitates diversification of its trade partners. Engaging with African markets provides an excellent opportunity for Bangladesh to reduce dependency on traditional markets and explore new avenues for economic growth (The Daily Star).

Call for Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders from various sectors are calling for a focused approach to tap into the African market’s potential. By leveraging economic platforms like the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and collaborating on agriculture, research, IT, and social development, Bangladesh can significantly boost its economic ties with Africa (The Business Standard).


The burgeoning economic relationship between Bangladesh and Africa offers a promising horizon for both regions. By expanding diplomatic missions, diversifying exports, and engaging stakeholders, Bangladesh can unlock substantial economic benefits and contribute to a mutually beneficial partnership.


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Exploring the Trade Horizons Between Bangladesh and Africa
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