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At the Africa Bangladesh Business Forum, we understand the unique challenges and immense potential of cross-continental trade. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Africa and Bangladesh, fostering seamless business connections and sustainable growth.

Let us guide you through the complexities of international trade, ensuring your ventures thrive in the dynamic global market.

Our Solutions and Strategies

The Africa Bangladesh Business Forum (ABBF) can offer a comprehensive range of services designed to facilitate and enhance business relationships, trade, and investment between Africa and Bangladesh. Here is a list of potential services:

Business Matchmaking ServicesForum Membership: All members can avail all the services provided by Africa Bangladesh Business Forum as per their category. There will be 3 types of Membership: Basic (Free), Standard & Premium (Associate Partner).
Personalized Matchmaking: Provide tailored matchmaking services to connect businesses with potential partners based on their specific needs and goals.
Virtual Business Meetings: Facilitate virtual meetings and introductions between companies to overcome geographical barriers.
Market Entry SupportMarket Research and Analysis: Offer detailed market reports, industry insights, and economic forecasts to help businesses understand the market landscape.
Regulatory and Compliance Guidance: Provide information and assistance on regulatory requirements, compliance issues, and market entry strategies.
Local Partner Identification: Assist businesses in identifying and partnering with local distributors, agents, and representatives.
Trade FacilitationTrade Missions: Organize trade missions to both regions, allowing businesses to explore market opportunities and establish contacts.
Export-Import Assistance: Provide support with export and import processes, including documentation, customs procedures, and logistics.
Trade Show Participation: Facilitate participation in trade shows and exhibitions to showcase products and services.
Investment PromotionInvestment Advisory Services: Offer guidance on investment opportunities, market trends, and risk assessments.
Investment Forums: Host investment forums and summits to connect investors with potential projects and partners.
Joint Venture Facilitation: Assist in the formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances between businesses from both regions.
Business Setup and SupportBusiness Setup: Provide support to setup Business in African Countries for Bangladeshi Businessman and ensure all the required services to run the business smoothly.
Mentor-ship and Coaching: Offer mentor-ship and coaching services from experienced business leaders and industry experts.
Access to Funding: Help businesses access funding opportunities, including venture capital, grants, and loans.
Information and Resource HubKnowledge Center: Maintain a repository of information on market trends, industry news, and regulatory updates.
Newsletter and Publications: Publish regular newsletters, magazines, and reports to keep members informed about the latest developments.
Webinars and Podcasts: Host webinars and podcasts featuring industry experts and thought leaders.
Advocacy and Policy SupportPolicy Advocacy: Advocate for policies that facilitate trade and investment between Africa and Bangladesh.
Government Liaison: Act as a liaison between businesses and government agencies to address issues and challenges.
Regulatory Updates: Provide updates on regulatory changes and policy developments that impact trade and investment.
Tours & TravelsVisa Processing: Provide visa processing service for African and Bangladeshi Businessman to visit on country to another.
Air Ticketing: Offer exclusive Air Ticket deals for its members.
Hotel & Accommodation: Special offer in Partner Hotels to stay in African Countries & Bangladesh.
Guided Exploratory Visit: Experienced local guide services during the visits in Africa & Bangladesh.
Translation: Translation & Transcription services for the Members to overcome the language barrier.
Premium Services for MembersExclusive Networking Opportunities: Offer exclusive networking events and meetings for premium members.
Priority Access to Services: Provide premium members with priority access to matchmaking services, trade missions, and other key offerings.
Dedicated Account Managers: Assign dedicated account managers to support premium members with their specific needs and objectives.
Web Advertisement & SponsorshipMember Company or Other Business Houses can take the opportunity to give Banner Ad on Home Page & Inner Pages of ABBF Website (www.africabangladesh.com).
Companies can give Banner Ad on ABBF’s B2B Marketplace Website (https://www.kingmansa.com) as well.
Companies will get chance to Sponsor on different Events/Webinars/Trade Shows etc. Organized by ABBF.


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By offering this diverse range of services, the Africa Bangladesh Business Forum is effectively supporting businesses in both regions, facilitating trade, investment, and economic collaboration.

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