President’s Message

Welcome to the Africa Bangladesh Business Forum (ABBF). I am Mohammad Zahirul Haq, the Founder and President of ABBF, I am honored to serve at this dynamic B2B organization, dedicated to fostering stronger economic ties and collaborative opportunities between Bangladesh and Africa. I am bringing over 15 years of experience in project management, operations, communications and investment management with a background as a military captain in UN Peacekeeping missions and Country Manager in Ivory Coast, Guinea, DR Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and diverse international settings. Our forum is dedicated to fostering robust economic ties between Bangladesh and Africa. We focus on:

  • Promoting Bangladeshi Exports to Africa
  • Facilitating African Imports to Bangladesh
  • Building Trust and Confidence
  • Initiating Dialogues
  • Organizing Trade Shows and Events
  • Promoting Public-Private Partnerships
  • Providing Consultancy Services
  • Safeguarding Business Processes

“Our mission is to bridge the economic and cultural gap between these two vibrant regions, paving the way for a prosperous and sustainable future by connecting with the business communities in all the 54 African countries and Bangladesh.”– President, ABBF

I would like to invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Together, we can create a vibrant and thriving business ecosystem that benefits both Bangladesh and Africa.

Warm regards,

Mohammad Zahirul Haq, MBA, MALead, PMP

Founder and President, Africa Bangladesh Business Forum, Conakry, Republic of Guinea

Our Story

The Africa Bangladesh Business Forum is poised to transform the trade landscape between Africa and Bangladesh.

By fostering strategic partnerships, leveraging advanced technology, and providing comprehensive support services, the ABB Forum will facilitate seamless and profitable business transactions, driving economic prosperity for both regions. We invite you to join us in this endeavor to unlock the full potential of trade between Africa and Bangladesh. The Africa Bangladesh Business Forum (ABBF) is not just another trade platform. It’s a game changer, aiming to revolutionize trade between the African continent and Bangladesh.

By mitigating risks associated with export and import activities, the ABB Forum seeks to establish a robust platform for business leaders, investors, government agencies, and exporters/importers to collaborate effectively and drive economic growth. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and the immense potential for economic development, inspiring a new era of trade possibilities that can transform the business landscape of both regions.

Our Mission

Facilitating seamless trade and investment between Africa and Bangladesh through collaborative partnerships, innovative solutions, and market-driven strategies.


To promote Bangladeshi exports to Africa and facilitate African imports to Bangladesh, we aim to build trust with stakeholders, initiate business dialogues, and organize trade events. We also promote Public Private Partnership opportunities, provide consultancy, and safeguard business processes to reduce trade gaps and uncertainties. ​

Why Join Us

Participating in the Africa Bangladesh Business Forum offers access to industry networks, new markets, and potential partners. It provides opportunities to exchange market insights, collaborate on joint ventures, and engage in workshops and seminars. This facilitates business growth, diversification, and skill enhancement while navigating market complexities.

Challenges in Africa-Bangladesh Trade

Bangladeshi businesses face challenges in Africa, including minimal diplomatic relations, language barriers, and visa formalities. Investment and security risks, business identification issues, a complex administrative system, and trust factors further complicate operations. Additionally, the scarcity of skilled human resources hinders smooth business dealings.​

Our Services

Our services include project management and investment support to create your business in Africa. We connect businesses through B2B markets, conduct commercial due diligence, and provide market research. We also search for partners, organize events, handle advertising, offer visa support, and arrange exploratory visits for comprehensive business setup.

Meet Our Team

The Africa Bangladesh Business Forum TEAM connects businesses, fosters partnerships, provides market insights, and supports investment and growth opportunities.

Mr. Rashed Mahmud

Advisor, ABBF | Managing Director & Group Chief Executive Officer, Dipon Group, Bangladesh

Dr. Imbenzi George

Advisor, ABBF | Consul General of Kenya, Vancouver, Canada & Chairman Amina LIVE Foundation

Mr. Khalil Fofana

Advisor, ABBF | Managing Director, Nieriko Consulting, Dakar, Senegal & Toronto, Canada

Mr. Zahirul Haq, MBA, PMP

President, ABBF | Country Manager, Danapuri Sdn Bhd, (Malaysia), Republic of Guinea

Mr. Kissi Ignace

Country Representative, Côte d’Ivoire, ABBF | Corporate Security & Investigations Specialist, Independent Consultant, USA

Mr. Almamy Amara Camara

Country Representative, ABBF, Guinea | CEO, Guinea District Group & President, Forum pour la Croissance Inclusive en Afrique (FOCIA)

Mr. Rajash Karmakar

Business Development Consultant, ABBF, Bangladesh | Event Management & B2B Trade Show Specialist

Dr. Sebastian Nafrah

Country Representative, ABBF, Ghana | President, Project Finance Africa & Global Investment Fund Brokers

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